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  We are thankful at BuildASofa for the abundance of business we receive from the communites were we live and work, and will be doing outreach into those communities that we serve to give back both in times of need and on a on-going basis through various donations and awareness campaigns. We encourage you do check out these organizations, or find others of your own.

Austin Pets Alive:

We were moved recently to help out Austin Pets Alive www.austinpetsalive.org   This is a no kill shelter in Austin that was over run by lost and injured pets after the Bastrop and Austin wildfires of September 2011.  The call went out for help feeding the hundreds of new arrivals being brought in, so BuildASofa donated 200 cans of wet food.  Pets Alive is a no kill shelter and we love our pets...  They have on-going needs too so look them up, or whatever no kill shelters are in your town.

National 9/11 Memorial:

We ran an offer to donate a percentage of every sale to the 9/11 memorial on the 10th anniversary weekend of the tragedy. Through that promotion, we donated $1,000 which paid for a granite paver in the Memorial Gardens leading up to the memorial site. You can research the memorial at www.911memorial.org

Public Schools: 

We donated various school supplies like 1,000 pencils, boxes of crayons and ruled notebooks to schools in our immediate neighborhood around our Austin store.  It is super easy to call your local school, and just ask who is in charge of donations at that school.  They can tell you what is needed from supplies, to drinks for PTA meetings, to help needed for cleanup and other activities at the school.

Corporate Giving - Chosen by YOU!:
Jude, DFW Humane Society, San Francisco Food Bank, Breast Cancer Angels, Ronald McDonald House.

Build A Forest:
Trees are lost everyday through natural disaster, deforestation and industry. At BuildASofa we use managed resources to build our real wood sofas and sectionals, but we still feel it is our duty to more than replace what we have used. We made a donation this month to plant five hundred trees through American Forests. You can check them out on their website, or help a local non-profit in your area clean up and build up our green areas.

Boys and Girls Club Austin
The StewPot Dallas