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What is the construction of the sofas?

All BuildASofa products are made from 100% Natural wood. We donít use Plywood (Engineered Hardwood) or Particle Board in our frames! Our closely spaced steel springs are doubled up and tied by hand at the sides for increased strength and so the seats don't sag near the arm. We block and reinforce our arms and legs so they have added durability. Our sofa frames are guaranteed to be free from defects for the life of the sofa.

How much do your products cost?

Our full sized sofas start at $1595. Some models are more expensive because they are extra large (often around 100"), or they have down seats or slipcovers included in the price. Normally prices drop $100 between Sofas and Condo Sofas, and again $100 when you go to a Love Seat. So if a model is $1595 for the Sofa, the Condo Sofa will be $1495 and the Love Seat $1395. Chairs and ottomans are much less expensive.

Sectionals are priced by the piece. So if you get a Sectional that is basically a sofa with a love seat, it will be priced as a sofa and love seat in that particular model. Our average sectional is between $2500 and $3100 for 2 pieces. A great deal for the best AMERICAN made products on the market.


What changes are FREE?

We make many changes to our sofas that do not cost extra. Generally they are changes that do not result in a different sized piece. Removing piping, removing buttons (tufting), and adding an additional fabric choice to the base fabric (like accent side pillows) does not raise the price of your sofa. You will be able to choose from 6 wood colors for legs and bases. There are many more changes that we can do for free, so dream up what you need, and we can make it come true.

Which changes cost extra?

Changing dimensions of a sofa or sectional model is our most common upcharge. Dimension changes start at $350 for the first 6" of Length and first 2" of both Depth and Height. The reason we charge isn't just the cost of material, it is the labor involved in hand measuring and cutting every aspect of the sofa, as our templates for standard will be of no use. Ask your sales associate on ways to effect changes in a cost effective way. Remember that all custom sofa and custom sectional models come in many stock sizes including chair, chair and a half, loveseat, condo sofa, and sofa, and there is only about an 8" increment between the sizes. Often people can get by with just choosing a different size. Changing the style of the wood base, or adding a skirt will also incur a small charge. Adding a pull out bed (Including our new COZY 8" bed) is also available for an upcharge to almost any model.

Can I put a pull out bed in a sectional?

Yes! And it is a great addition. We can fit a full or queen bed in even the smallest of sectionals. Our design staff will help you work it out. You can also use a bench seat cushion on the sectional and the adult guests can sleep in the pull out and the child can sleep on the bench cushion by their side.

Are upgrade fabrics more durable or better quality?

In general, upgrade fabrics are more expensive only because they cost more from our supplying mills. You will find that many upgrade fabrics have many different colors of threads and are in many ways like a tapestry. They are not necessarily more durable than regular grade fabrics (in reality the opposite is true because most micro fiber fabrics are regular grade). Upgrade fabrics may add between 15-60% to the cost of the sofa, but most are only 10-20% more. Upgrade fabrics tend to be produced for shorter periods of time than the regular grade fabrics, so they may not be available in year or two if you want to add another piece. If you use an upgrade fabric just for your side pillows the additional price is minimal.

What is a condo sofa? What is a chair Ĺ?

A condo sofa is a size between a regular sofa and a loveseat. They generally have a seating area of 60" between the arms (a sofa is about 69" between the arms).

A chair Ĺ is about 32" between the arms, while a regular chair is about 23". That 9" gives you enough room for two normal size people to snuggle in the chair. We can always add additional inches to the seating width of any chair or chair Ĺ to make it the perfect size for you.

How much more is leather?

A good rule of thumb is a 2x mark up for most leather orders. We use only 100% top grain leather on 100% of the sofa or sectional and we carry over 100 color options. If you are thinking about leather for durability, ask about our most durable fabrics. They are often washable, the cushions are removable, and you will save $1,000ís on even just one piece!

Do the different densities of cushions wear differently?

Not Really. We use a standard comfortable medium cushion on all our models. You can ask for something firmer or softer, but in general, over 90% of our clients get the standard, unless they are upgrading their sofa to Feather and Down.

Do long bench seats wear better or worse than individual seats?

There are some differences in feel on our seat cushions if you pick the bench over the more chopped up individual seats. The Bench cushion (one long seat that covers the entire sofa) may feel a little firmer than the individual cushions (2 or three smaller seat cushions on one sofa) because you don't have the breaks between the seats. The foam tends to be less supportive near the edge of a cushion (falling into the crack...). The down side to a long cushion is it is more expensive to replace if there is damage from say a child or animal than a smaller cushion. The up side to a bench is nobody ever gets a crack and they are great for napping!

What are the options for Down & Feather?

We have down wrap cushions available for all models. It is a high density poly urethane seat cushion that is wrapped completely around in a down & feather quilted wrap. This keeps the down from shifting around, and the foam core gives some added support.

Back cushions can be stuffed with down as well. Most people find that the back cushions feel about the same as our Poly Cloud Polyester filling and there is less settling with the Poly. Also, some people feel the cost of down back cushions (around $100/cushion) don't warrant the change in the back cushions. Seat cushions can make a huge difference on a piece and the total cost is around $100 per seat (chairs are counted as 1 seat, love seats are 2, sofas are 3). So the smaller the piece the less it costs to use.

How long does it take to complete my custom order?

We quote 4-6 weeks for all orders. The only issue that may slow an order is if we can't readily source the fabric from the mill, (this is usually only an issue on upgrade fabrics, and then only rarely). Regular grade fabrics are almost always in stock. If there is more than 3 custom changes to an order, that might delay it too. Itís rare, but we want to make sure that things are getting done right!

How can I order something that I haven't sat in?

In an effort to provide the best prices on custom sofas and sectionals, and to reduce our carbon footprint, BuildASofa show rooms have only 25-40 of the 60+ models that we carry.† Our in store designers work hard to keep the most popular styles on our showroom floor as well as a wide variety of style options for you to sit on so usually we can find a model that is very similar to the one you like, and you can get an idea of the feel for your selected model. However, if you decide to pick a model that is not on the floor, it is at your discretion and our custom made pieces are not returnable.

Can you take my old sofa away?

Our delivery staff may be allowed to contract separately with you to remove your old sofa. It is something that can be arranged directly with them. You must ask the delivery company when they call. The sofas are taken to the local land fill as most charities no longer except donations of sofas, so try to find a home for it first on "Craigslist" or with friends.

How much is delivery?

Delivery starts at just $100, a price much lower than most furniture companies charge. Prices for distances greater than 30 miles will be quoted by the showroom staff. You'll find our delivery service is "White Glove" and includes placement of the sofas and removal of packaging. It does not include removal of your old sofa, or moving of other furniture to different areas of the house. Delivery is charged by the company making the delivery, and not by BuildASofa to help keep your costs down.

What are your hours?

You can find our store hours and contact information by visiting our Contact page

If I have questions, what is the best way to communicate?

Call your local store directly at the phone numbers listed during store hours. You can also Email the Founder of BuildASofa at Quotes@Buildasofa.com. No question is too small to ask, and you get 20 years experience of making the perfect custom products for your home or office!

What can you change on your sofas?

We can change about anything on our sofas. We can change any dimension (seat height, back height, length, depth, anything!). We can lower an arm height or recess it behind the seat cushion. The number of seat and back cushions can be changed from what you see in the photos. There are 6 choices for leg and base colors. In short, you can do about anything you can dream up.