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Looking for the very best craftsmanship in leather furniture, custom made for your living environment? Look no further than BuildASofa, and our MADE IN THE USA custom line of 100% Top Grain Leather sofas and sectionals.

You can find leather in a lot of stores. But how many stores can custom size your top grain leather sofa to a 1" tolerance? You can pick any size you need on our models to fit your home, not just standard sizes that they make in some factory on the other side of the world. Our sofas will last a lifetime, so get exactly the leather sofa or sectional you want at BuildASofa!


We have over 100 leathers in stock for all of our custom sofas and sectionals, and even more leathers that can be special ordered. All of our custom crafted pieces have only 100% TOP GRAIN leather on all parts of the sofa, including the outside back, sides, front rails and even under the cushions! Most other companies use lower grade "Split" leather or even "Bonded leather" which is just vinyl with leather paste bonded to the back side. At BuildASofa you can rest assured that your ENTIRE sofa will be 100% Top Grain Leather.


Our leather is warrantied under normal residential use and care against cracking, tearing, splitting and color transfer for the life of the furniture.


Our sofas and sectionals start with a 100% Natural Wood frame. The frame is made from solid planks of Natural Wood, not bits and pieces mixed with filler woods like Particle Board, Cardboard and Plywood. Some of the biggest names in furniture use these lessor woods and materials in their construction, but not at BuildASofa. Don't let price fool you. Just because they are charging you more money, doesn't mean that it is better. Other stores will say "There's oak in there" or "We use hardwood in the frame", but is it 100% Natural Wood? One national chain is selling hardwood plywood as straight hardwood. It's not. It's chewed up wood and glue forced into big sheets, just simple plywood like you buy at Home Depot!


The entire frame is warranted against breakage for the life of the sofa under normal residential use! Compare the price and construction we offer and we are sure you will see there is no better deal than a Custom Leather Sofa or sectional from BuildASofa.